Test Results - Caithness Flagstone

Test Methods - Note 1 = EN1341, Note 2 = EN1341/BRE 141

Safety in Use

Slip Resistance (Note 1) 62 Wet. Values > 40 are considered safe.

Strength Under Load

Compressive Strength Parallel to Grain 128N/mm2
Compressive Strength Perpendicular to Grain 150N/mm2
Mean Flexural Strength (Dry Perpendicular Note 1) 37.2 MPa

Porosity and Water Absorption

Porosity (Note 2) 0.3%
Saturation Coefficient (Note 2) 0.98
Water Absorption 0.1% (by wt)
Density 2684kg/M3

Resistance to Frost

Flexural strength after Freeze/Thaw Test (Note 2) 39.2 MPa Loaded perpendicular to the bedding plane, ambient temperature.

Resistance to Salt

Sodium Sulphate Crystallisation Test (Note 2) 0.05% Mean wt loss
Sodium Sulphate Crystallisation Test (Saturated) (Note 2) 0.0% Mean wt loss.

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